Personalized Primary Care Physician

  Direct Doctor Access (No Assistants, No Answering Services)
  Quality 1:1 Time During Appointments
  Personalized Care (Your Individual Needs & History)
  Dr. Houston is available within 3 hours 8am-8pm
  Appointments Via Video Call, Phone, or In-Person
  Holistic and Precision Plans Available

Personalized Primary Care

Your health and wellness can be optimized because Dr. Houston knows you personally. She is a board certified allopathically trained physician, and has the foundational knowledge necessary in order to properly to care for you. Your initial testing will include targeted advanced laboratory testing. If you ever become ill, the already established in depth understanding of your medical history will ensure the best treatment plan recommendations. Busy individuals know the value of having a specialist on hand in urgent situations, and value the option to be treated on short notice, at home, in the office, or via telemedicine. Every private patient will feel at ease knowing they have Dr. Houston available when they need her.


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