What is Holistic Wellness?

Dr. Houston believes in taking a more natural approach whenever possible. Because of this, she is dedicated to working with some of the best Holistic healers, scientists and western specialists in New York City. Our dedicated team of experts will help you with the following: 
 Physical Wellness (Exercise & Nutrition)
 Spiritual Wellness
 Occupational Wellness
 Social Wellness
 Environmental Wellness
 Intellectual Wellness
 Financial Wellness
 Emotional Wellness

Holistic Medicine

Exercise, nutrient rich diets, as well as mental, social and intellectual health are paramount to physical wellness. If these items are ignored appropriate care cannot be rendered. Dr. Houston knows the importance of integrating these aspects into her private patients wellness programs. Initial testing will include nutritional analysis, and these values will be necessary for the proper full nutritional analysis. Dr. Houston understands that self care, including cultivating a personal relationship with yourself and others is necessary for health optimization and integrates this into her practice.


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