Dr. Houston graduated Magna Cum Laude from the State University of New York with a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She was always fascinated with the potential for targeted gene therapy and this was the focus of her senior thesis, in 2003- the year the human genome project was completed. Before graduating from Albany Medical College in upstate New York, she worked for the Ordway Research institute applying proteomics and genomics in order to better understand metabolic syndrome. Although her passion was in genetics and molecular biology, medicine was not advanced enough at that time, and there was no medical specialty in this field, so she decided to pursue Emergency Medicine.


As a board-certified Emergency Physician, Dr. Houston worked in the emergency setting treating life threating issues for almost 10 years. She was there for people during their darkest moments and alleviated suffering during life-threatening situations. During this time she not only cared for patients with medical emergencies but she connected with them on a personal level. She knew that these interactions had a profound impact on the quality of care she gave. She often wondered how she could have made a difference if she had met her patients before they had suffered strokes, heart attacks, drug overdoses, suicide attempts, and violence. Although she enjoyed the high-intensity work, and high-level problem solving required, she came to realize that reactionary emergency medicine was missing the mark. Instead, she decided to focus more on prevention of disease.


Her time in the Emergency Department also made her realize that the state of being unwell stemmed from more than just physical changes in the body. The psychosomatic and social implications contribute a lot to a person’s wellness but are largely ignored in the practice of western medicine because of the previous lack of evidence.


While she was practicing medicine there were also tremendous advancements being made in Omic research. Evidence started becoming available and new epigenetic markers were found to influence the expression of previously misunderstood genes. These new findings and advancements began to unfold the secrets of how holistic medicine and precision medicine interact and intersect.


Dr. Houston always kept up to date and when advancements and prediction models improved she realized it was an optimal time to transition to a balanced holistic and precision based practice. Her fundamental knowledge combined with her experience and understanding of the underlying mechanisms of disease allowed her to create a novel way of delivering care- A patient-centered participatory and preventative model that combines traditional, holistic and precision medicine and she created The Houston Method.


Dr. Houston’s mission is quality life extension and wellness optimization.  She integrates traditional medicine with personalized adjuncts chosen collaboratively with her patients.  With your participation and feedback, she will appropriately apply individualized precision and holistic approaches to ensure you get the best treatment for you.


To transform the antiquated diagnostic and reactive based practice of medicine to a more personalized, participatory, comprehensive, preventative and targeted approach. Thanks to modern precision diagnostics and therapeutics available, Dr. Houston is able to provide individualized and targeted prevention therapy to achieve optimal health.


By carrying a limited number of patients she knows each person intimately and works with their individual history and desires to create a personalized wellness plan. She also makes herself available on short-notice day or night. With her experience in the emergency setting, you can be confident that she can care for your urgent issues as well.

You no longer need to wait in waiting rooms, fill out redundant forms, or expose yourself to rushed or inappropriate care. She will always advocate for you in this increasingly impersonal healthcare system. When necessary she will find you the best specialists for your specific needs and coordinate with them for you. Dr. Houston will meet you where you are, and work with you at your pace, giving you the functional wellness you need for peak performance throughout your life.


What is the medicine of the future?

The current system is broken and it's time for a change.  Currently, care drives outcomes and hospital systems and insurance companies own your data. Death is prevented at any cost, and technology interrupts the Doctor-patient relationship. Most importantly, the current model leads many patients to severe economic burden due to an inability to cover costs.

The future of medicine is where patient participation drives outcomes through behavioral modification leading to early detection of disease. It's where you own your data and your personal health investment leads to compounding interest. The medicine of the future allows for technology to improve the doctor-patient relationship rather than disrupt it, and where catastrophes are prevented through participation.


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