Commonly Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions.


Do You Accept Insurance?

In order to be free to serve you directly, give you the time you deserve, and recommend the best treatments Dr. Houston does not take insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. She does recommend having coverage for emergencies, hospitalizations or should you need a specialist.

What is the cost of membership?
What is included in membership?
What to Expect During My Initial 15-Minute Meeting?
How Long is the First Appointment?
What Should I Expect During My First Appointment?
Precision & Holistic Plans
Do I Need to Purchase Any Smart Devices?
What is Telemedicine?
What is Precision Medicine? How does Dr. Houston apply precision medicine to practice?
What is Holistic Wellness?
What is the diffrence between Direct Primary Care & Concierge Medicine?
Is Dr. Houston a Primary Care Doctor?
Is Dr. Houston affiliated with a Hospital?
What if I have to go to the Hospital?
What are the Fall, Winter, and Spring hours of operation?
What are the Summer office hours?

Contact Dr. Houston

If we haven't answered all of your questions, please give Dr. Houston a call at +1 (212) 810-1474


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