Personalized Care

A proactive and personalized approach to primary care medicine. Upon your first visit as a patient of Dr. Houston's, you will undergo initial laboratory testing for preventative and customized treatment plans.

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Holistic Wellness

Dr. Houston believes in taking a more natural approach whenever possible. Because of this, Dr. Houston is dedicated to working with some of the best Holistic healers, scientists and western specialists in New York City.


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Precision Medicine

Dr. Houston offers precision medicine as an additional service to her patients. Precision Medicine uses a person’s individual test results to target therapy that fits their individual needs.

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Dr. Leah Houston delivers a modern, preventative, personalized whole mind-body approach to healthcare.

  Visit with Dr. Houston from your phone or computer
  Be seen in the comfort of your home or office
  Be one of only a handful of Dr. Houston's patients
 Available last minute and off hours for all of your medical needs


What is Medicine of the Future?

Medicine of the future is where patient participation drives outcomes through behavioral modification, which leads to early detection of disease processes. It is where you own your data, and your personal health investment leads to compounding interest. It is where we die young at an old age, yet have respect for senescence when it comes. The medicine of the future allows for technology to improve the doctor-patient relationship rather than disrupt it, and where catastrophes are prevented through participation



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Schedule an initial 15 min consultation to meet Dr. Houston and learn more about her practice.

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Learn more about Dr. Houston's services and see if you're the right fit for each other.

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Ashley C.

As a busy entrepreneur, the last thing I need is to come down with a cold or condition. When I found Dr. Houston I was so relieved to have found an amazing Personalized Physician in New York City that offers Primary Care Doctor services and can also do Precision Medicine.  The best part is that she'll see me via a Skype call or she'll come to my home or office.

Ashley C.


Melanie A.
Best Private Concierge Medical Practice in Manhattan. Dr. Houston is both knowledgeable friendly. I love being able to call her directly and get in the same-day either at her office, via a Skype call or here at work. She is also great at helping me incorporate healthy changes into my lifestyle for prevention and fewer prescriptions. I highly recommend Dr. Houston to all of my friends and family looking for a new primary care physician or private healthcare!

Melanie A.


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